“We had our own ordinance for the terminal but now having that federal executive order just helps backs that up,” said Mike Collett, Assistance City Manager.

Mike Collett, Assistant City Manager for Sioux City

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Assistant City Manager Mike Collett said the executive order from President Joe Biden for masks on public transportation applies to a few places here in Sioux City.

“Mask requirement by executive order actually applies to all public transportation. So for us, that includes the transit terminal as well as the buses and the airport terminal as well,” said Collett.

When it comes to enforcement, Collett said they’ll continue to watch and see. But he said Siouxland already has a head start when it comes to wearing masks.

“The good news is we had started out as a city already requiring masks in city facilities so we’ve been at this a while. And so we’ll just wait for a little more guidance. They’re slowly starting to come out with some of that. As far as what the actual explanation of the executive order is. But we feel like we’ve already implemented most of it,” said Collett.

He added they’ve seen the public do well when it comes to wearing masks.

“Most everyone is very compliant. I think there are exceptions in certain cases that those individuals have. But for the most part everybody gets it. They understand how important mask wearing is,” said Collett.

He added the more masks are worn now, will hopefully shorten the time masks have to be worn.

“We’ve had that messaging out there for a while. But now, just to be able to point to something that this is the law so we all have to follow it whether we like it or not. Just to be able to point to something that this is the law so we all have to follow it whether we like it or not,” said Collett.

Collett added masks are available for those who need one on busses and in terminals at public transit as well as at the airport.

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