We Can See The Phantoms!  Get Them Off The Voter Rolls!

Republicans, always late to how their voters are marginalized, now exclaim “we get it!”

“Let’s place mail-in ballot boxes at gun shows, churches and Kiwanis breakfasts.”

This is electioneering theater.

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Our Leftist pals respond with two strategies:  they monitor the election apparatus in every district – knowing how many ballots they need.  They use their phantom ballot inventory for the votes to cover and Republican votes gathered at that gun show.

Republicans don’t monitor the election apparatus.  They are too honest to do it.  Where Democrats are happy to do it.

We are left with the Republicans’ new strategy encouraging voters to vote early via mail-in ballots.  The Democrats vote early too, they also have a slush bucket of around 4% – 6% of the ballots, ready when needed.

With 4% to 6%, perhaps as high as 15% of voter rolls with fake names, 1900-year-old voters, undeliverable addresses, people who moved out of state yet still vote, apartment buildings under construction housing scores of registered voters, jails and hotels with registered voters, Air B&Bs, U.P.S. boxes crowded with phantoms – it comes in pretty handy in a tight race.

Here’s how it’s done.

Go to a homeless shelter, the Salvation Army or the Lefty church soup kitchen.  Register less fortunate neighbors, perhaps with a gift card.  Fill in their form, they just need to sign.  100 fellow citizens now get mail-in ballots – every election!

Need more?  Hit those colleges.


Register students.


When submitting registrations, leave out their box number.


You created an inventory of floating ballots which, when shipped to the university dorm are undeliverable.  The kids may not vote but, who cares, vote them yourself.  You have ballots, who cares about voters?


Wait you say!  Those ballots are returned to the Post Office!


Perhaps.  But if you are a clever entrepreneur, knowing someone will pay you $25 for every ballot, you hang around the mail room.  What do you think happens to those ballots?


Do you think the Republican Kiwanis guy in Dockers is there with gift cards for every floating ballot?  Probably not.  Who gets them?  Guess!


With almost no effort, bad guys create thousands of floating ballots – which will never be voted by their applicant.  And this is only part of one county!  These “identities” are around to vote every year – in every election.


It gets much easier.


Run a report against the state voter roll: “show all registered, active voters who never voted before 2022!”  We explain this at www.Omega4America.com.


These are real people, usually.  They just aren’t into civics.  Track them via the state’s voter registration system during early voting.  They probably won’t vote, so start slowly adding a few votes from your ballot inventory as you need them.


If they show up at the polls, no problem.


Tell them “sorry there Jimbo you already voted!” They may complain.


Give them a provisional ballot, then toss it in Bin 16.  When the cameras are turned off – do you notice they always seem to get turned off? – those ballots get recycled.  Not counted!


Never be greedy.  Win by a fraction of a percentage – enough so Fox News won’t let Tucker Carlson question obvious voter fraud.


It’s important to control the clock – like in a football game.  Sometimes things get out of whack as when that Trump guy ran.  He flooded the system with ballots beyond expectation.


Stop the clock!


Tell everyone to chill!  Shut the place down and don’t be rushed by citizens demanding to know who won.  Who cares?  They don’t count.  You count! Or one should say – “you are counting, thus you count.”


Take your time, like a week, maybe two, bring in extra ballots if needed.  Tie them to that guy who did not vote.  Remember that batch from the shelter – they’re good for 50 or more votes.  Add them as you need them, always tying them to a person somewhere on the voter list – a phantom.


Hapless Republicans set up mail ballot boxes at gun shows but the bad guys have an inventory of ballots they control – it makes electioneering so much simpler.  4% – 6%.  Every state!


See, anyone can do it!  And they do.  For 40 years.


This is electioneering, and the Leftists own it.  Putting mail in boxes at the Kiwanis breakfast is theater, not strategy. It’s RNC-speak for “fighting back.”


Republicans may not control that ballot inventory, but now they can see the phantoms that are tied to every one of those ballots – with technology.


If you can identify them, you can force them to be removed.  Here’s how:


Take every voter registration roll from every state and ingest the property tax database for every county – they’re on-line already.


You instantly know with 100% fidelity, every address that is a business, vacant land, a multi-family unit, rental property, single family home.


You know the number of square feet and number of baths.  Who cares?


When you do “density analysis” showing an 870 square foot house, with 18 voters claiming to live in it in Harris County, Texas, with one bath, you challenge the certificate of occupancy.  Wow, Republicans would never think of that!


You can ID that apartment building in Georgia, under construction with 25 registered voters in it – and…

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