The shooter at the Chesapeake Walmart was identified as Andre Bing on Wednesday afternoon.

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At least six people were killed when the Walmart manager shot several associates and then turned the gun on himself.

UPDATE: SIX KILLED, SHOOTER DEAD in Mass Shooting at Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia

The New York Post reported;

The gunman who opened fire at a Virginia Walmart has been identified as Andre Bing, a manager at the store who killed six co-workers before taking his own life.

A Facebook Live video apparently made by a Walmart employee had been circulating online showing a co-worker that she calls “Andre.”

The young man is seen joking with the workers before he walks away when the woman points her camera at him. It was unclear when the footage was shot.

Bing’s identity was later confirmed by Walmart in a statement by the company which said: “We are focused on doing everything we can to support our associates and their families at this time. The alleged shooter has been identified as Andre Bing. We can confirm he was a Walmart associate.”

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